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Speak More, Coach More & Earn More 
5 Day Challenge

Master Your Unique Signature Message to 3X-10X Product/ Service Sales

Coach Tina FJ and Coach Antonio Adair

Speak More Coach More Earn More Challenge

Challenge Date:

April 24-28, 2023

Time Commitment:

1-2 Hours/Day



Who’s It For?

 Authors, Coaches, Experts,  Influencers & Entrepreneurs Who Want Out of Hustle and Grind...

Final Result:

Easy to follow Speaking Blueprint that Sales  More Products/Services and Pro Coaching Skills to Earn More
*Limited VIP Tickets Available.
Speaking & Coaching Doesn’t Have To Be A Stressful or Time-Consuming Process!
If you’re looking to win with speaking, gain authority, and get booked on stages… You’ve already toyed with speaking at events! Speak More - Coach More enables you to:
  • Acquire the Results Driven Easy-Speak™ technique
  • Become the coach , with lifelong clients
  • Create revenue streams that pay you when you communicate effectively
The PROBLEM is… You’re Stuck At The Start Of Your Story! 
You spend ALL of your free time staring at a blank page… And you have NO IDEA how to push past writing a winning and compelling speech that generates cash flow and creating a group coaching community that gives incredible value and sustains the cash flow! But we do. 
Ready To Breakthrough Your Biggest Speaking and Coaching Struggles?
During The Speak More Coach More Earn More Challenge, You Will Discover:
  • Speaking Secrets: Attract Your Dream Customers And Clients To Your Business Like a Moth to a Flame with The Results Driven Easy- Speak ™  Blueprint.
  • The Coaching Like A Pro Method™: Anyone Can Communicate Effectively Using Proven Coaching Skills (Regardless Of Skills, Experience, Or Abilities!). 
  • How To Position Yourself As The Expert: Learn To Leverage Your Experiences, Skills, And Strengths To Create Powerful, Instantly-Implementable Speeches that Get You Paid.
  • ​Plus MORE!
*Limited VIP Tickets Available.
What If You Could Get Your Speech to 
Create Passive Income?
It takes most speakers YEARS to get their ideas from brain, to paper, to delivery.  But with our UNUSUAL speaking/communicating  method… You’ll deliver the speech that draws customers and cash and coach like a pro to deliver value to your community 
BUT, with our powerful, proven, top-secret blueprint… The power to speak more, coach more, and earn more will be in YOUR hands!

You Don’t Need…
  • Special speaking or coaching skills
  • Writing expertise  
  • Event promoting knowledge
This class is open to ANYONE looking to EARN MORE with public speaking
 and leverage coaching techniques
But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…
*Limited VIP Tickets Available.

About Your Co-Host: 

Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins, PCC 
AKA Coach Tina FJ

From a young age, Tina was labeled unqualified as she struggled to spell, read, and write. Fast forward a few years… Tina became a NASA engineer, 6X author, and world-changer!

Now, Coach Tina FJ is a certified coach credentialed (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. Since 2003, Tina has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and businesses to flow in and build their authority so they can do what they love, lightening fast and leave a legacy.

Over the span of the 5-day challenge… You will learn the closely guarded coaching secrets that previously Coach Tina FJ has only shared with her ultra high-end masterminds. These techniques are essential to coaching like a pro and creating group coaching programs that elevate earning potentials.

Coach Tina FJ was the Coaching Program Manager for NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)… Now, she’s pulling back the curtain and showing you the secrets that are only known by the masters!

About Your Co-Host: 

Dr Willis Jenkins

 An underprivileged young man (Willis) that grew up in South East DC; yet, despite the odds of an environment conducive to failure, he succeeded. He did not just succeed; I thrived. 

Dr. Willis J was among the first in several things in his life. This includes being the first NASA Engineer responsible for launching five satellites on a single Delta II rocket, and in 2019 being bestowed the honor of providing a formula for a coin project between NASA and the Mint.

Dr Willis J received his  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. He is a certified Diversity Change Agent, a President Management Council Fellow under President Obama, and a Federal Executive Institute Alumni for leadership in a Democratic Society. All of this training, plus others have equipped him to excel professionally and personally and has afforded him the opportunity to speak to thousands.

Dr Willis J was the Co-Host with Coach Tina of the E3 Business Expo for 3 consecutive years in the DC/MD/VA.  This event empowered, equipped and educated entrepreneurs to level up their business and personal skills.

Corporate Clients Coach Tina FJ Has Been Privileged To Coach:

Corporate Clients Dr. Willis J Has Been Privileged to Speak:

Speak More, Coach More, Earn More Challenge
Discover the concepts Coaches Tina & Antonio use to Book Speaking Events, Create Speaking Events and Leverage Group Coaching to Scale Your Business to the next level!

Day 1: Results Driven Easy-Speak™ Technique 

On the first day, you will know how to pick out a good "Results Driven Speak-Easy" topic and open the door for bigger profit possibilities.
  • Results Driven Speak-Easy Topic - How to define your “Speech Topic” and craft a compelling, gripping story around it.
  • ​The Strategy - Your Speech topic is essential, but it’s important to understand the overall plan before you get started. 
  • ​The Niche - Discover the path to explore that can have other experts reaching out to you for help. 
  • ​​Clarity - When you are clear with your communications, you can create a scalable speaking business that builds trust and authority in your brand while filling a sales pipeline of pre-qualified prospects for your products/services.

Day 2: Creating a Group Coaching Community that Attendees Don't Want to Miss

On the second day, you will learn how to create group coaching communities to facilitate repeat clients.
  • ​Feeling - Create a lasting connection between the Coach and the attendees, and attendees to attendees.
  • ​Forecast - Create bridges that equip attendees to naturally find partnerships that can quicken their success
  • ​Fruit - Cultivate the path that solves your group coaching community's biggest problems.

Day 3: Coaching with Pro Techniques

On the third day, you will learn coaching techniques that high earning coaches use.
  • Power of Coaching Self - Use this technique to create value-driven content for your clients.
  • Power of Group Coaching - Use the one to many coaching model to to save time and earn more money.
  • Power of Coaching Tools - Experts use these tools to assist their clients in activating and elevating their genius and you can use them, too.

Day 4: Plan and Execute Your Virtual/In-Person Speaking Event using a Blueprint

On the fourth day, you will learn to create your own stage and position yourself and your brand to gain instant influence.
  • ​The Venue - Virtual or In-Person... making the right choice.
  • The Voice - Discover the secret to creating content and pitching it  so attendees love it, and want to buy your products and services before you make the formal offer. 
  • The Value - Attendees leave your event thinking they should have/ would have paid more because of how much value they received.

Day 5: Create A Product That Compliments Your Speech

On the fifth day, you will discover the Speak More-Coach More-Earn More-Cash Machine System.
  • Generate an Offer - Even novice marketers without established audiences can  Speak More to Earn More with their product/service. 
  • Core Winning Speech Product Offer - Includes the reality of royalties plus the built-in mechanism that brings modest monthly profits before any sales are made on the “back end.”
  • Premium Value Coaching Offer - How a Product/Service Program accompanied with Pro-Coaching techniques can create a Coaching Community with a wait list; thus, elevating the value of the group.
Plus, Gain Immediate Access To:

The Challenge Community

Surround yourself with entrepreneurs & experts who are excited to learn how to quickly and effectively speak and coach their way to wealth.

The Customer Acquisitions Tool

Uncover the secrets to good speech delivery and good communication skills to draw customers into a space where you can facilitate learning and earning.

The Core Product Offer

Discover how to wrap  your core product in your speech and maximize the perceived value of the product/service. 

Premium Value Offer

Creativity, skill and good business know-how delivered through a speech leads to premium value offers. Premium value offers are the secret sauce of exponential scalability. 

Residual Offers

All you have to do is write the "Right" speech ONCE and get paid from it over and over and over again.
*Limited VIP Tickets Available.
“Oh Brother, Not Another Sales Pitch Disguised As A Challenge!”
I know what you are probably thinking…"Oh brother, not another sales pitch disguised as a challenge"!  Well, you're right. This is not another sales pitch disguised as a challenge. 

This is the most comprehensive, yet simple to understand 5-day training designed to help you level up your speaking and coaching skills so you can earn more.

Imagine this… Your client was introduced to you and your offer as a result of your speech… and BEGGED you to help them because they found your speech so inspiring, relatable, and motivating!
This Has Happened For Many Of My Clients…

Now, It’s Your Turn!

This Challenge Is For You If…
  • You have tried (and failed) to stand up and speak and get paid.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the speaking and coaching process. 
  • You want to feel inspired sharing your passion from the stage.
  • ​You want to leverage your expertise to earn 6-figures or more.
  • ​You are open to a NEW, innovative approach to speaking and coaching.
*Limited VIP Tickets Available.
One Challenge. Two Ticket Options. 

VIP Experience (Recommended)


  • 5 Days Of Training With Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins the  Coach Consultant and Dr. Willis J. the Rocket Scientist Speaker...
  • ​Access To Speak More Coach More Earn More FaceBook Group
  • Mindset Management: The 21 Day RUN Routine to level up your mindset
  • ​​​VIP Pre-Game Connections with Coach Tina FJ, Dr. Willis J. & Team with High Level Coaching and Q&A Via Zoom 
  • ​​Complementary $1.00 Companion Pass (Early Bird Ticket Purchases before March 31, 2023). One of our team members will work with you to get them registered.

Only $297

*Limited VIP Tickets Available.

General Admission Experience


  • 5 Days Of Training With Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins the Coach Consultant and Dr. Willis J. the Rocket Scientist Speaker....
  • ​Access To Speak More Coach More Earn More FaceBook Group
  • Mindset Management: The 21 Day RUN Routine to level up your mindset


*Limited VIP Tickets Available.
Virtual Event Ticket 

General Admission Experience


  • 5 Days Of Training With Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins the Coach Consultant and Antonio Adair Multi-Million Dollar Direct Sales Guru with unusual methods that work...
  • ​Access To Speak More Coach More Earn More FaceBook Group
  • Mindset Management: The 21 Day RUN Routine to level up your mindset


*Limited VIP Tickets Available.
Frequently Asked Questions
If your questions aren't listed below, click here to chat with us.
Who is this class for?
Entrepreneurs with products and services they would like to sell more. Or,  if you are a course creator, coach or speaker looking to reach your maximum potential in business, then this class is for you.
Who is this class not for?
Wantrepreneurs and business opportunity seekers. This class is not a shiny object to be added to your collection of courses, books and videos that you still have never gone through. If you are curious about business but not serious, please don't waste your money or our time. 
How much is the training?
There are 2 ways to participate in The Speak More Coach More Earn More Challenge. The General Admission and the VIP Experience that is only $297 for the exclusive VIP Zoom ticket, a pre-game experience (details provide via email), and VIP Q&A & Coaching daily with Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins and Dr. Willis J.
How is this different from your courses or free content on speaking and coaching?
While we do have content available on speaking and coaching, this is our premiere content on speaking and coaching geared towards earning more.
Are the challenge classes live?
Yes, classes will be live. Although the classes will be live and recorded you won't be able to purchase the recordings so you will need to watch the challenge live or watch the recordings  (The recordings will be live in the Facebook group for a limited time). 
How does the 5-day challenge work?
Each day we will have a training complete with a Q&A session for the VIPs and task to complete to get you earning more faster.  You are encouraged to complete the tasks within the window provided.  Remember the ultimate goal is to get your clients results and earn more.
Will I get direct feedback from Coach Tina FJ and Coach Antonio?
Yes, if you have the VIP Experience you will have live Q & A' s daily where you can ask anything covered in the challenge. 

If you have General Admission you will have the ability to listen to the Q&A but not to ask questions directly.
Unlock Coach Tina FJ’s &
 Dr. Willis J's  Breakthrough Speaking & Coaching  Secrets to Eran More Before Time Runs Out
*Limited VIP Tickets Available.
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